About Mynurva.Ltd

The mission of the Mynurva brands is to provide digital access to high-quality behavioural health discreetly, securely and globally.

It’s about digital transformation from traditional face-to-face consultations to make accessing behavioural health provision from anywhere a reality– discretely and securely at a time and place that suits the patient.

zain mynurva founder

Co-founder Dr Zain Zikafi saw there was an urgent need for digital mental health provision – with 3 out of 5 of all UK GP appointments due to mental health symptoms – and as primary care physician with a background in digital health and artificial intelligence, he was well-placed to set a digital health transformation in motion.

But it’s not only a consumer requirement. New Research by Deloitte and mental health charity, Mind by Deloitte and mental health charity, MIND, suggests that poor mental health cost UK businesses more than £43bn in 2018 so there’s a commercial benefit to creating better access to behavioural health support.

The Mynurva brands enable digital access to mental healthcare professionals through live video or text with completely transparent costs.

In 2020, with a move to online in virtually all settings, it’s clear Mynurva.ltd has been ahead of the curve and, with several business developments in the pipeline, being ahead of the curve is where Mynurva.ltd intends to stay

Our Amazing Team

Founder Zain

Dr Zain Sikafi

Co-founder & CEO

Emma Eaves

Head of Design

Co-Founder Rachel

Rachel Cornish PhD

Co-founder & CTO

Ida Latifa


Katie Ryland

Operations Manager

Veronica Yow


Geoff Maggs


Tobias Stone PhD

Corporate Development

John Dean

Business Development

Tim Howland

Business Development

Professor Alessandro di Nuovo

Artificial Intelligence

Alex Shenfield PhD

Machine Learning/NLP

Mynurva Therapists

CV All our UK-qualified therapists are experienced across a wide range of medical disciplines, are multi-lingual and are able to provide fully accessible behavioural health care.