Mynurva has been fortunate to have contributed and been featured in a wide range of journals, press and media articles.

Our co-founder and CEO, Dr Zain Sikafi is happy to speak or contribute to any media coverage around the provision of mental health and wellness services, the rise of digital mental health and the importance of mental wellness in the community and workplace

Insomnia, panic attacks, constant worry – the life of Britain’s EU citizens

Published in The Guardian, Mynurva comments on the mental health conditions EU citizens are facing as a direct result of Brexit uncertainty.
Article in the Guardian

How far can technology fill gaps left by traditional mental health services?

BBC World News interviews Mynurva’s Dr Zain Sikafi to understand how access to online therapies can be beneficial in treating mental health disorders.
Press - BBC World News

Supporting Teen Mental Health

Teenage mental health is plummeting according to a study by The Journal of Psychology and social media usage is the most significant contributing factor.
teen wellness

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