Effect of Ukraine crisis on mental health

World crises like what is happening in Ukraine can affect our mental health in various ways. Many would experience uncertainty and fear, anxiety or a sense of loss of control over life and plans; worried for the people in Ukraine and their safety. For some, it may also bring up traumatic memories.

After two years in a pandemic, the news of Ukraine may be a lot to absorb – but it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Many of us will cope with this ongoing crisis in various ways – we may feel destabilised, worried, sad, angry, upset or have tendencies of checking the news frequently as a way to reduce anxiety. 

We’ve covered how the Ukraine crisis may affect mental health in more detail below along with ways you can look after your mental health during this time:

Long-distance suffering

People who have ancestral descent or are nationally Ukrainian may feel devastated in response to the news in their homeland. Although they are physically here, they are emotionally over there. 

In these times, it will be beneficial for you to connect and reconnect with your cultural identity and surround yourself with people who understand. Shared meals and open conversations could be quite helpful. 

Familiarity in events

Witnessing the loss of life in familiar surroundings can also have an impact on mental health. The idea is to remain aware of what is going on, staying informed and engaged in ways that can help spread awareness but don’t overwhelm. It is important to only rely on trusted media sources.

It can be helpful to seek company with trusted others such as your therapist – but this may not be about the current events. You may find it helpful to have conversations about non-war topics that can help you regain your sense of calm.

If you are struggling

The current situation may also affect employees’ concentration and productivity at work – especially if their mental health is impacted by the current crisis. Employers to ensure that mental health support is available for employees who are struggling. 

During these troubling events, organisations need to show a level of understanding and provide practical modalities to support employees. If employees are feeling concerned about their mental health, they should seek support from a mental health care provider. Accessing help early can make it easier to accept help in the future. 

Mynurva continues to support our clients with the highest quality of care – especially during these times of crisis. 


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