Global Multilingual Digital Mental Healthcare


Global access to Wellbeing Support

Employers today struggle to provide their staff with access to the vital mental health support they need. And this is even harder for employers with a global and diverse workforce. 

COVID-19 and employee burnout have increased the need for accessible mental healthcare. And increased the need for effective mental wellbeing services. Global companies need global solutions.  Solutions that ensure all employees (no matter language and global location) can access the help they need when they need it – wherever they are.

Multilingual Online Resources and Therapy Platform

Mynurva’s online therapy platform in languages such as Arabic and Farsi, enables global usage. The self-help online resources are also available in a variety of languages, to meet the needs of our partners. In adapting our resources into new languages, we ensure that our content is relevant to the clients, incorporating not only their language but also their culture so that they can get the most help out of the experience.

Mynurva continues expanding the languages offered as our client base expands to additional countries in the world.

Mynurva’s Global Accessible Digital Mental Healthcare

Mynurva’s global digital mental health solution ensures patient engagement and improves patient outcomes by delivering fast access to mental health support. Prevention or early access to help is key to keeping a workforce healthy.  During these uncertain times, it’s now more important than ever that our wellbeing takes the highest priority.

Some benefits of Mynurva’s Digital Solution are:

  • Fast access to live video therapy – appointments available 7 days a week, including evenings and bank holidays
  • 24/7 Access to Multilingual Self-help resources
  • Access to a national network of multilingual and UK-qualified therapists
  • No need for a GP referral – anonymous and confidential
  • Global service – patients can access therapy and support from any location in the world

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