How digital mental health companies are changing the world

Digital mental health is a rapidly expanding market with the marketplace being over-crowded by wellbeing apps and online services. 

Those who succeed long-term will be companies that provide both accountable and measurable improvements in wellbeing as well as a service or product that people can easily and want to engage with.

This has been the aim of Mynurva from the start – to make a meaningful change to people’s wellbeing and to utilise technology to provide this at scale to more people over a wider geographical area. We don’t limit our help to the English-speaking community and our services have been provided in other languages for many years.

Mynurva provides:

  •  Mental health care with fast and convenient access
  • Proven clinic     outcomes – based on the metrics used by the NHS
  •  Our products and service have been adapted based
  •  on users’ experience
  •   Quality of care is critically important to us – we provide a quality, accountable service


Our proven clinical outcomes were based on an independently verified NHS pilot.

We are successfully working with our partners to deliver a better service that allows their people to access help earlier.  Keeping people healthy in terms of their mental wellbeing is more cost-effective and better for all – in comparison to letting people’s mental health deteriorate to a point that may seriously impact their productivity at work and their personal life.

Better outcomes for all by helping people earlier.


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