Waiting times for mental health treatment force patients into A&E

ae and waiting times

As more and more people are suffering from poor mental health, they are turning to A&E for support. New research suggests nearly one in four are being forced to wait more than 12 weeks to start treatment. 

A recent study from The Royal College of Psychiatrists has found that 43% of adults with mental illness have worsened due to a lack of responsive support and long waiting times for treatment.

“A significant proportion are so desperate for help that they turn to A&E or ring 999 or NHS 111,” the Royal College of Psychiatrists said.

Pressure on mental health is high with both the cost-of-living crisis and many facing difficult circumstances such as relationship difficulties, family breakdowns, and job losses. 

During this cost of living crisis there is an increased need for mental health services, yet the healthcare workforce is short-staffed and burnt-out and unable to meet the demands of those needing help.

To be effective, Mental health care needs to be accessible quickly – not more than 12 weeks later. 

Mynurva provides fast access to help – with same day appointments available, so people can get the help they need without long waiting times, GP referrals or travel.


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