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According to the Office for National Statistics, mental health conditions (including stress, depression and anxiety) were responsible for an average of 14% days lost

Mynurva is proud to announce that we have been awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, both internationally recognized standards which ensures that we not only meet the needs of our clients with an effective quality management system but also fulfil the requirements of an information security management system.

Mynurva’s Women in Tech

At Mynurva, we have a diverse workforce consisting of an equal number of male and female employees at staff and board levels. We understand that being a company that is centered around innovation, a diverse workforce with different perspectives is the driver for novel interesting and ideas.

Mynurva Increases Counselling Capacities

Recently, there has been a steep growth of digital mental healthcare. The world is now seeing trends of health anxiety rising as the country ‘re-opens’. Mynurva’s growing team of qualified therapists have been responding efficiently to this change in demand.

Meet our new Marketing Executive

Hi Veronica, tell me about yourself…

I’m a recent graduate from the University of Bath studying Accounting and Finance. I decided to pursue a career in Marketing instead

Talent Spotlight: Geoff Maggs

I have been an advocate of mental health support in the workplace for a number of years and was really impressed when I discovered what was on offer from Mynurva. The company is really transforming the mental health space, allowing members direct access to UK-qualified therapists via secure online video, 7 days-a-week.

University Students are amid a Mental Health Crisis

In the past year, students have had their schedules turned upside down, and looking after mental and emotional health during these times of uncertainty has become even more important than before.

Mynurva’s UX For Accessible Mental Healthcare

Mynurva’s transformative technology for mental health

In the world we live in technology now assists in many areas of our day-to-day lives. With further advances in growing technologies healthcare support has become more accessible as it can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, computers, and other digital devices.

How mental health took centre stage at Tokyo 2020

Athletes and elite sportsmen and women find themselves under huge pressure, with the weight of expectation of their coaches, teammates, fans and, in some cases, their country on their shoulders.

Maintain good mental health with Mynurva’s wellbeing pathway

We’ve developed a wellbeing pathway – focused on providing preventative support for people who simply need a safe space to talk.
One of the barriers to accessing formalised therapy is meeting a threshold – something we call caseness. This assumes that someone needs to be ‘ill enough’ before they can get help.

Meet our New Risk & Safeguarding Lead

Hi James, what is your role at Mynurva?
I currently work as a clinical advisor and the risk and safeguarding lead.

How long have you been working with Mynurva?
I started in November 2020 through an agency. Recently I have been taken on permanently, and I start on Monday.

Mynurva’s Teletherapy Service Improves Access to Mental Health Care

In 2020, the nation’s healthcare moved online, including mental healthcare, and according to a recent survey conducted by Psychiatrist Dr Jennifer Severe of the University of Michigan (U-M), almost 50% of 244 psychiatry patients included in her study would prefer to continue with virtual mental healthcare even after the pandemic is over.

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Empowering SMEs with Employee Mental Health Support

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), one in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point which means around 25% of the UK workforce will suffer from mild to more severe mental health problems in their lifetime, with even pre-existing conditions being aggravated by work stress.

Partnering with Pampers to Help NHS Heroes

Help NHS Heroes was born out of the COVID-19 crisis when Jason Mawer saw an exhausted NHS nurse in tears after finishing a shift and finding her local supermarket shelves emptied by panic buyers. Unable to provide basic food for herself and her family, she took to social media to make an emotional appeal.